This is me and my vocalist in my band just messing around just thought we would post it up, im just curious about his singing/screaming, what do you think? i play drums by the way so feel free to crit them, and the vocalist played the guitar. It was recorded using my Roland electric drum kit and a Line 6 Toneport so the quality is good, have a listen.
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You should lower the drums! we cannot hear anything else!!, the guitar sounds great though. Still some work to do on vocals...
wasn't bad anyway....
Whoa, there's a song under those drums? I'll have to listen again.

Good instrument work. The lead singer got some decent notes fairly cleanly, and does sound a bit like Howard, but he DEFINITELY needs some lessons. Screaming is pretty bad for the mostpart. Needs working on.
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i dunno about the rest
guitar good....drums aint too bad....vocal clean parts very nice....screaming....need alot of work...i cud hear his voice break sometimes when he screamed..part from dat 6.5/10
The guitar and drums both sounded great. The only problem I could find was the vocals. He was decent when he wasn't screaming, but once he started screaming at around 0:32, I couldn't stop laughing. It sounded like he had a flanger on his voice or something. And yes, I could hear his voice breaking several times. Without vocals it gets 9/10. With vocals it gets 4/10.

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