Does a cutaway in an acoustic guitar really affect the sound enough to justify not getting one? In addition, is it worth it to get a preamp built in, or should I go just standard acoustic? I'm looking at the 800 price range. Any recommendations cutaway/non cutaway and preamp/no preamp?
Cutaways sound fine. And if you plan on using your acoustic for amplified live applications, I recommend a built-in pickup/preamp system. Something Fishman would probably be your best bet. Built in tuner is always convenient, too.
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considering that you are looking to spend around $800, you should be able to find a nice acoustic-electric with a cutaway and a quality pickup/preamp that sounds good plugged in and unplugged. while a cutaway does affect the tone of a guitar, there isn't a huge audible difference to the average person. with an $800 spending limit, i'd have a look at this guitar specifically:

when i play acoustic i rarely need to go above 12th fret.. so cutaway is not a necessary for me... jst realli depends what u play.. and witht he preamp thing.. i would only need it in a live band situation.. if its live solo.. or recording.. i would prefer mic...
so personnaly i would save the money..
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