Virgin Eve

Tonight there is no music, no cadent calming tune
The clouds they seem to gather, just to cover up the moon
All that?s left is darkness ? and the bittersweet reprieve
Of the rain that fell on concrete, and some on dying leaves

I alone find sadness, in this lavish shower scent
The others drown in alcohol ? oh ?tis truly an event
And I can?t find the words, I can?t find the closure
The peace, the settlement, lost all composure
The demons were clawing in my heart?s chambers
No! I shake my head, true love?s not labor ?
It?s a hoax! A lie! True love is scary,
It is labor not, labor?s voluntary
And I fear that I might have lost my mind
In the midst of raindrops drenched in bitter wine
The rhythmic clawing and the spasmic beating
Stop! Stop! Stop repeating!
I sit up and breathe
a sigh of relief at sight
Of nightmares dispersed
into particles of light

There was no music, no calming tune
No clouds to speak of, only the moon
The darkness waning, and the grim reprieve
Turned to whispers, this Virgin Eve


Comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
very nice, flows together perfectly
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