One of the greatest bands in the history of Rock N Roll began with three chords and four leather jackets. The four original Ramones were Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy. Originally they had had Dee Dee singing and playing bass, Johnny on guitar, and Joey on drums but Dee Dee?s voice was shot after two songs so they got their friend Tommy to play drums, kicked Joey up to lead vocals and Dee Dee played only bass, he did however give the traditional 1-2-3-4 countoff. Johny, Dee Dee, and Tommy were amazed by Joey?s unique singing voice, and they loved it.
Joey, born Jeff Hyman was born on May 19th, 1951, he shared his birthday with the Who?s Pete Townshend. Joey grew up in Queens New York, where petty theft and cheap drugs were common in young peoples lives. Joey however got his anger out through music. He, like many other rock stars, was Jewish.
John Cummings was born on October 8th, 1951. He was very good at baseball but that dream was crushed when he found out you had to cut your hair to be on the high school team. In his late teens he worked as a construction worker until he and his friend, Joey started their band. Johnny was always serious and rarely smiled; this is credited to two years of military school.
Dee Dee, born Douglas Colvin, was born on September 18th, 1952. Dee Dee was born in Berlin, Germany and had an interest in WWII. He picked up a guitar at age 12 and loved it. When he came to America as a teenager he met Johnny on the sidewalk and they discussed the Stooges, a band they both liked. Dee Dee was introduced to Joey and the Ramones were one step closer to forming.
Tommy Erdelyi was born in Budapest, Hungary on January 29th, 1952. He met Johnny before Joey and Dee Dee and they had a band beforhand, Tangerine Puppets, both of them on guitar. That ended when Johnny got them kicked out of high school by accidentally hitting someone with his guitar. They went their separate ways but Tommy was later called upon to be the drummer. Tommy always had a love of recording and producing albums and that was his real dream.
On January 23rd, 1974 Johnny and Dee Dee walked into a guitar store and while Johnny came out with a fifty dollar blue Mosrite guitar, Dee Dee came out with a fifty-dollar DanElectro bass guitar. They couldn?t afford cases so they carried their instruments in shopping bags.
The legend had begun. The Ramones songs were short, simple, and to the point. They were known for doing 18 songs in 20 minutes. They started out playing at CBGBs, a.k.a. Country Bluegrass and Blues. When they first walked into CBGBs the owner, Hilly Kristal, wondered if these leather jacket-wearing punks were musicians or posers trying to rob the place. They started out with songs like Beat on the Brat and Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue. This started in early 1976. The Ramones became CB regulars, performing often, sometimes with other bands getting their start such as Blondie and Rancid. When they started out they were beginners and at the time of their first gig, Tommy had only been playing drums for two weeks. Sometimes Dee Dee would give his ceremonial 1-2-3-4 count-off and they would all start playing different songs. Sometimes they would stop in the middle of the song and argue, then continue. But most of the time all was well.
Arturo Vega became the Ramones first roadie He initially carried the equipment and set it up but later became the lighting man, as well as designing the Ramones Emblam, which was derived from the US bald eagle, and a few changes. Monte Melnick became the second roadie; he was their soundman. Their first album, Ramones, was released on April 26th, 1976. Its first song was Blitzkrieg Bop, which contained the Ramones battle cry ?Hey Ho lets go!? Their next albums released were: Ramones Leave Home, 1977, Rocket to Russia, 1977, and Road to Ruin, 1978. Those are possibly the best Ramones albums, containing most of their well known songs.However The Ramones encountered two hardships during the making of Road to Ruin. One being Tommy quit to pursue his dream of producing albums, on most of the following Ramones albums the production credit goes to T. Elderlyi, you put two and two together. A man named Mark, who became Marky Ramone, replaced him. Marky had been sort of an outcast as well, being ridiculed because he too wore his hair long. The second one happened before one of their shows at CBGBs. Joey liked to inhale hot steam from a tea kettle to clear his sinuses but a novice roadie heated the kettle to much and boiling hot water was sprayed into Joey?s mouth and burned his throat. Some good came out of this accident. While in the hospital he wrote the hit song ?I Wanna Be Sedated?.
In 1979 a movie featuring the Ramones was made. It was entitled Rock N Roll High. In it, Ramones fan Riff Randell (P.J. Soles) encounters Ramones hating principal Mrs. Togar. She has to make it to the Ramones concert and get the songs she wrote to the Ramones. In the end the Ramones come to her school, Vince Lombardi High and with the help of Riff?s brainy friend Kate Rambau, blow up the school. Album recording then continued like so: Its Alive, a recap album featuring some of their hits so far, End of the Century, 1980. End of the Century was a collaboration with Phil Spector and included saxophones, keyboards, and horns/trumpets. Recording continued, Pleasant Dreams, 1981, Subterranean Jungle, 1982. After this album the group realized how serious Dee Dee?s drug problem was. But even worse was Marky?s drinking. After he missed a show because he was drunk he quit until he could give up drinking. He was replaced with Ritchie Ramone. Recording carried on: Too Tough to Die, 1985, Animal Boy, 1986, Halfway to Sanity, 1987, Ramones Mania, 1988 had Ritchie doing some drumming and Tommy doing the rest, it was a greatest hit album. Brain Drain, 1989, was the first album with Marky back, and unfortunately the last with Dee Dee. Dee Dee quit in July 1989. He had been unhappy for a while, trying to stay off drugs and losing his wife. Bassist C.J replaced him. He became CJ Ramone. With Marky back and free of drinking problems they continued recording: Loco Live in 1991 and Mondo Bizzaro, 1992. Acid Eaters, 1993, had some keyboards and Pete Townshend on backing vocals, Adios Amigos was realesed in 1994 and Greatest Hits Live, 1996 was a collection of them doing their greatest hits, Were Outta Hear was a collection of 32 of their best songs, an anthology album, Hey Ho Lets Go was released in 1999 and had their 58 all time greatest songs on two discs, Loud Fast Ramones was a 38, two cd album released in 2002 and was another greatest hits which mostly had the same songs as the anthology. At this point the group was falling apart.
Joey had died of Lymphoma in 2001. In 2003 a tribute album to the Ramones was released, it featured many bands/artists, including Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rancid, KISS, Marlyin Manson, and Peter Yorrn performing Ramones songs.
They left a great legacy behind. Some consider them the first punk band and many the greatest. They set the scene for later punk bands. Dee Dee died in 2003 of a drug overdose and Johnny followed in 2004 from Cancer.
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-John Lennon
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"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon