to be honest this isnt really a great thread, nearly all electrics have good access apart from maby archtops
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true but you cant get somewhat better access on neck-thru guitars

Unless you have an all-access neck joint...


Well, neck throughs still have it better.

A neck-through V would have killer fret access.
i love the joint on my schecter, it has pretty much no heel and i can get to every fret comfortably..but a V shape also has really good access
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ESP Viper looks pretty smooth. THere's also this 22 fret BC Rich out there, where the heel starts at the 20th fret and is almost completely flat and thin.
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most bc riches have bitchin access, the bich is probly my favorite (so far, i still need to try a stealth)
JEM perhaps, much as i dislike them...
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Which guitar do you think has the best fret access for 24-fret guitars?

For me, The Jimmy Paige Les Paul Custom
(Didn't buy it, only tried it, I wasn't worthy)

For regular people, a Flying V
(The "Tucked in" Position provides maximum control, for me anyway)

For small hands, PeeWee/Mini Guitars
(You have no other choice XD

For long bony fingers, Any guitar
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For long bony fingers, Any guitar

Has anyone else noticed that Paul Gilbert and Buckethad have some of the biggest hands ever? Their like apes or something, totally out of proportion with their body.

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