Do I Count As A Primary Songwriter For My BaIn the band there is only me who plays guitar and my friend that sings and we write our own songs. I would just like to know if i count as being a primary songwriter. My friend writes all the lyrics to our songs and i write all the guitar to our songs. We either write the songs with him having wrote the lyrics then i write the guitar which goes along with it or i write the guitar and he writes lyrics that go along with the guitar. I would just like to know if i was a primary songwriter in my band as well as my friend?
id say both you and your friend are primary songwriters. you write the music and he writes the lyrics, there for he can get the all words written by accredidation while you get the music accredidation.
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yes BUT, if you want to break it up into fair parts you could say

Music written by you
lyrics written by him

me personally i just prefer the whole idea of
song written by him and you (or you and him)

if you have any kind of arguements over whose name should come first in the 2nd iteration of 'song written by' then i think you should do the 1st.....
Elton John wrote the music and Bernie Taupin wrote the words...they both were deemed songwriters
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