out of curiousity, as i play guitar, is harder for bass players too cover songs because some, usually the lighter stuff, songs its harder to hear the bass line


before anyone says by the way yes this is a pretty pointless thread but hey im a pretty bored guy
usually make up a riff. if i cant hear it then it isnt there for me to copy.
If the bass line follows the guitar, then it shouldn't be that hard. Most of the time, if you can't hear the bass, it's because it's shadowing the guitar parts.

If you can hear the bass (ie, the bass is doing more than just following), then a lot of it has to do with the complexity of the bass line, although if you can find the root notes, then you can build off of that and figure out the line. For this, you really need to know your intervals.
i was thinkin...i mean people say playing bass is easy...in my opinion those people are deluded okay so palying a complicated solo on guitar may be harder but bass players are always thinking you hav to its like timing X100 what you have to need timing for guitar

remember this is coming from a guitar player