alright, so my floyd rose intonation is all ****ed up.

say that the _____ represents the body and the -- represents the bottom of the bridge

this is how it should look right?

but my rig is like this
_____________ \___________

maybe not that steep, but its about at a 20 or 25 degree angle coming out and its keeping me from being able to pull up on the tremolo.
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howabout some precision metal, ladies and gentlemen?
you have to balance the spring tension and string tension. Id get it set up and watch them do it just incase you destroy your guitar
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thats not intonation, thats what i call at least, the action of the bridge. jus take the back part of the guitar off (the plastic part with 6 screws) and theres a claw with 2 screw going into the wood facing the neck. tighten those, but make sure not to tighten too much, you'll need to loosen the strings and tune every once in a while until your bridge is level with the body. hope this helps at all.
^^ thats correct but the truss rod might need adjusting too which is why i suggest he gets shown how to do it first
Why did Pat Metheney cross the road? He didn't, his hair got in the way
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you need to tighten the springs in the back of the guitar
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hmmmm thats all wrong isit intonation the hight of the strings which means all you should have to do is adjust the screw (alan keys normaly) and to know its right play a harmonic on 12th fret and it should read E slightly flat something along them lines ive done it before myself theres a article in here bout it

the springs are to make the bridge level with the body, the tension of the strings and springs should be equal so the bridge sits level with the body

if you dont have a concept of what is going on in your guitar, i suggest getting it set up and having the guy (or girl) explain what he/she is doing. so that way, you know what you are doing and can make the adjustments on your own.