Err. Well, to the few of you who wondered where I was yesterday (that being.. the 3 of you I actually talk to on msn). I was at a Crosby Stills Nash and Young concert. Best concert I've ever been to. We had seats right to the right of the stage, meaning we could see their pedalboards and that Graham Nash had no shoes on (something people in first row couldnt really see).

One neat part, was when they introduced the band. It was like "Here are y good American friends, Steve Stills and David Crosby"
"Uh.. what's that damn brit's name again? Oh right.. Graham Nash" then Neil walked away from the mic and Crosby went on and was like "And we have neil Young here. He's our Canadian, and no, you cant have him back."

It was a politically based tour (They even played Jimi Hendrix's version of the star spangled banner, and a song called 'Impeach the president')

However, the point of this is his ownage.. so..

They ended the show with Rockin in the Free World which was just... intense. Neil was soloing, and put his foot up on the speaker, largely just to look very very cool. When it came time for Steve Stills to solo he did the same, put put his foot on the grill of the speaker not the casing, and fell through, and fell all over the speakers, but kept playing. However at the end of the show when they did their bows you could see he had a huge gash on his hand, and they couldnt do an Encore because his hand was broken and bleeding.

Ah well.. awesometastic concert anyway...
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that would be funny to see. i wish theyre was video. and ill remember to never ever do that at a live show, id feel liek a complete jackass.
Steven Stills got pwned by his own foot
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If not all of us, at least him.

I hope he's fine for this Saturday...I'll be going to the concert.
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I hope he's fine for this Saturday...I'll be going to the concert.

I hope so too. I hope it was just a gash and not actually broken, otherwise they would have to miss quite a bit of the tour.. because like.. if Nash was wounded, noone would mind, but were talking about mr Lead guitar here.
when he's not touring in the summer, he lives across the street from my great uncle, who doensn't know his music at all. i hope to play with him and meet him.
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I had to put that.

that was absolutely hilarious.
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that would be cool if it made the internet. the sounds like it would be cool to see.

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