(can't think of a title)

Blood is the ink
A knife is the pen that i write your name with...
It is the most beautiful name that I have ever carved in my arm...

The pain doesn't hurt me
I know it makes you smile...

Your poison lips touch mine
It's a feeling I can't define...
It's a feeling that will last forever...
Or until a cure is found...

Just tell me what you think about any comment is good.
Quote by GumbyEater
about as cliche and overdone as it can get

Quote by Fruscianteac
man that is ridiculous quit that emo cut my wrist stuff man its no good

Right, get over the "its emo so its totally teh suckzors..." and actually give some critique to this.

I'm weak in lyric/poetic writing so this isn't going to help a lot, but if you were trying to rhyme, choose some better words

If you want to write stuff with this topic, maybe try writing a bit more metaphorical, rather than just stating pretty much "I slit my wrists".
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Thanks for the comment.
Sry if it isn't your style, I just like to write poems like that...