I must say, maybe I should not have had such high expectations for this, but Ozzfest really blowed. I am very into metal, don't get me wrong but some of those bands were just ****. Walls of Jericho, what the **** were they about? Anyways, so its like 105 degrees there, theres one shade tent which about as big as my car, and Ozzfest wasnt on grass, it was on dirt, so there was dirt getting kicked everywhere. I also don't get why Ozzfest has like stacked sets, they have two stages but they dont utilizie the idea of having two bands go on at the same time. So I guess because they were only using one stage at a time, bands only got 20 minute sets, with some exceptions. The band I really wated to see was Dragonforce and they only got 25 minutes, which is about 4 songs (and they cut down most of the songs as well). Plus, the sound was ****ing horrific. We left after Dragonforce. And not to mention, the people there were some of the biggest dicks I have ever met. I also saw three people get arrested, about 6 gigantic swastika tattoos on the backs of heads, and parents making their 5 year old kids get pictures with topless women. AND, I payed a good 11 dollars for a chesseburger and water, but that isnt Ozzfests fault. All I can say is, Ozzfest could have been a lot better, and I am highly disappointed.
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Well it was Ozzfest afterall
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