ok, I was thinking about making some pa speakers, a woofer, a monitor, and two normal speakers. They'd be smallers, adding up to only a few hundred watts. But yeah, my question is, are there special speakers for this stuff? Or can you use like car speakers? Sorry, I know it all sounds a bit retarded. But I'm just wondering.
are you making the speakers?
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i im gonna have to agree with t heff
car speakers would work, but arent the best thing.

i suggest loud speakers, you can buy them online and they have a higher wattage rating and have a bigger range (usually)
yeah, i was gonna build some
theyd be for mostly vocals and acoustic guitars
just in coffee shops and stuff
oh yeah, would they need to be powered? cause I have a mixer, but i dont really know if the push would be enough. Its an old tapco six channel.
it wont be hard to power speakers. you just buy a power amp, and you hook your mixer the the amp, then that to the speakers.

i dont know any off hand, so let google be your best friend