Last night I had a spiritual experience with a flower(more or less) so I decided to write upon it. And here you go,

Meditation on a Petal

One evening I sat
to drink cup of tea
At flowers I stared
and they back at me

Upon looking closer
I just had to frown
For one lone petal
had fallen down

It was pleasant blue
its velvet to tempting
I reached out to touch
no conscience preventing

Stem between fingers
It quivered each second
As my eyes observed
and my breath beckoned

It held turquoise veins
and light brown speckles
Its wholesome white center
to blue ripened trickles

I stared and I saw
as I held it aloft
Away from its home
it must miss it I thought

So I gingerly placed it
back to its right place
It stood solitudely
no look on its face

Outward it sat
slightly odd just to me
But nothing outlandish
a passerby would see

I realized right then
that if chances ran right
That poor little petal
would fall in the night

Be swept up by sunrise
and just thrown away
Not a thought they would have
not a word they would say

I realized that anyone
else in my seat
Would otherwise pass the moment
not my actions repeat

Yet I stared on with pride
I held no remorse
For the fifty-two seconds
and the movement I'd forced

For I'd gladly move twenty
or thirty more petals
And place them uselessly
for no plaque nor medals

May you find your own petals
and place them with care
May you let the world grow
with your gentle repair

For higher grows the tower
Long as there are builders
Yeah, it really isn't a song. I really started writing for the Hell of it.

So we'll classify it as a poem.