So, I'm learning the intro the Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (yes, I know I know... but I'm a beginner), and I'm wondering what's the proper way to do the string dampening part after the first 3 power chords?

I'm assuming the proper way is to just lightly rest your left hand fingers across the strings to dampen them, and just strum. However, I can't seem to quite get that percussive sound that you hear in the actual song.

Anyone have any tips on how to do this correctly? It doesn't seem like it should be that hard of a technique.... My guess right now is perhaps I'm not strumming fast enough, or maybe I'm not strumming hard enough?
sounds like you've got the right idea, now you've just gotta do it and make little adjustments till it sounds right. and you're right, it's not that tough.
barely touch the strings enough to mute them
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My friend had a problem with this and if your a beginner itll take time but allot of the noise that you hear has allot to do with the guitar and amp he used.But like everyone else said just lightly put your fingers on the strings.
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If you rest your left hand across the strings on the 1st fret (don't fret them, just rest them) it'll be a much more chunky sound than other places. Experiment with different places to mute the strings at.
I just lift my hand off the fretted power chord a bit and it dampens them enough. If you're just doing a "chucka chucka" dampening thing, then yeah, lay your hand across the strings without pushing down. You also don't want to sound any harmonics while you do it.
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it could be down to your amp, try turning your treble up an rest your fingers over the fret positions a la the rest of the ppl have said...

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I think you've got it, try changing the EQ around a bit or try strumming or muting on a different part of the string.