Hey there. I recently bought a book called "How To Build Your Own Effects Pedals" which is for beginners. I am completely knew to building or modding pedals and I just had a question about breadboard.

Looking at the pictures and reading about it in the book, I take it that there isn't any soldering involved? The metal strips connect the holes so you can build a circuit on the breadboard just to try it out? As you can see I am a little confused. Also, in the book it says that the components would be connected with jumper wires. Are those just plain old wires or ones with alligator clips?

I know these questions are really basic but I just need a bit of a foothold to get going with this whole pedal building project. I the tools ordered and on the way so I want to get ready to get started when they arrive. Any help you could give me, or advice, would be great.

Would I need wires for that, and if so, do they just attach with clips or would I need to solder them?
for that, it will be strips of copper connecting each row of holes. you would connect the components to the right places so that everything on a row would be connected. you would need extra wires or to solder. this is only a temporary thing though. for more perminant things, use a perfboard. this has a bunch of holes with copper around them. you would put the components in and then connect them to the right things using wires. you would solder the wires. dont use clips, because they may touch the other wires and cause problems.