My sister is going to buy a bass this weekend and her budget is around £300 for bass and amp.
She's played saxophone for 6 years so she'd pick up the understanding, theory and general stuff probably quicker than the average beginner.
Is this a realistic budget for her to buy both an amp and a bass?
If it's way too little to buy a decentish bass and a reasonable amp then please tell me how much you think she'd need to increase it..
What bass and amp would you recommend for this price or near to it?
Thanks in advance
a lower end washburn
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You could get a pretty decent ibanez bass pack including and amplifeir for that price. Ther are cheaper ones such as the encore pk 40 which is around £180 with amplieier.
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look for a yamaha jazzbass and a laney amp around 20-30watts
my first bass wuz a jazzbass n im satisfied of it
it costs around 200-250 euros so around 190-240 $ i think
the amp costs 70$ or more
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Yes, for a cheap bass and practice amp that'd be fine. Go to stores and look around.