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Seagull s6 original
6 40%
Takamine EG340SC
9 60%
Voters: 15.
Hey right now i have a seagull s6. Im debaiting to buy a case for it or spend about 60 more and buy a new guitar with acustic/electrice and a built in tunner and cutaway and a case? What would yall do? the seagull is good, but doesnt have as much as the others. Thanks once again
Instead of selling your Seagull S6, why don't you just put a pickup into it? You can get a soundhole pickup for about 50 bucks, which is a removable pickup that is great if you only use it occasionally. You can also get a very good under-the-saddle pickup for $100, and that comes with a wired strap jack. It might be better then spending extra cash just to get the same guitar with electronics and a cutaway.

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I've always liked Seagull's better than Takamine's, but thats just my preference.
Seagulls new "Coastline" editions kickass!!
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Seagull hands down... but your not comparing apples to apples.... what you need to do is buy the s6 with the Godin electronics in it... you would jiz...........
imo takamine is more abt looks than anything else... but thats jst me..
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save your $$$ man and buy a taylor. if not get a taka.
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Built-in tuners are kinda a waste. How hard is it to carry a tuning fork or...oh wait an electronic tuner. Although my friend has an ibanez with a tuner/equalizer on it. Very useful. also has a built-in phaser. But I'd keep the seagull and get a pickup installed or a soundhole pickup.
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i got that eg340sc, and i gotta tell ya, its awesome. I'd go with that.
and as far as the tuner being a waste? no way. Its so nice, because you can just push the little button and tune it, you dont have to pull out a whole extra thing for tuning, you just look on the side and go. I love it personally.
I like the seagulls better but really they are = quality.
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