Well I was thinking about getting a Schecter C1 Hellraiser, but now Im second guessing myself. I already have a Schecter Gryphon, and the only 2 differences (that affect playing) are the neck on mine is a bolt on, and the Hellraiser is set, and the pickups are EMGs on the hellraiser. I could probably spend about $150 getting pickups for my Gryphon, and then Ill have more money for getting something else, or I could get the hellraiser. Would the set neck have a big impact on tone or playabiltiy that would make it worth getting, or are the necks about the same as the bolt ons? I dont have the money for any of this yet, but im trying to plan it out so when I do, I wont have to think as hard about the decision. Thanks
Also the heel on that particular guitar (C-1 Hellraiser) is alot smaller than on your bolt on Gryphon. This makes upper fret access easier.
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I have a C-1 Hellraiser and it's pretty good. It's very finely made and yes Emg 81/85 come with it which makes it good for playing metal. Even if u have a little amp u can still hear it and it sounds great. Idk though wat u should do.