I used to play acoustic now i wanna try electric guitars. i have about $500 to spend. i need a stratocaster with tremolo arm. 3 pickups. suitable for hard rock and metal. any suggestions?
Dosent really sound like u need suggestions
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I'd suggest you get a strat with 3 pickups that has a tremolo arm. You should be looking to pay about $500
Get a MIM fat strat, HSS pickup config. I think those go around $300 or so. If you need an amp with that id suggest the vox advt series, cheap, versatile, good tone and better than a solid state. ad15vt is around 180 new.

You could also look at a Godin freeway. Basically a strat with HSH config but has 22 frets instead of the fender MIM that has 21.
I think the quality of those is more consitent than fender. I prefer the godins to any fender.
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i wish u would just give me the $500 then i would get you a squire beginer pack then i could buy that roland cube 60 i want.
I second the Fat Strat suggestion, also look into a Yamaha Pacifica.
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if your looking to play metal i think you should get 2 humbuckers.
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just go to your nearest or fvourite shop and try until you fin something you like, asking advice like this is like asking which grain of sand you should pick up off the beach. for 500 you have almost an unlimited amount of strat guitars from countless makerswith countless finishes, you just need to try them until you get that special feeling in your pants about one of them...........................and by that i mean the special feeling in the pocket of your pants where your wallet is, the feeling that says it wants to empty its load for taht guitar............and by empty its load i mean have you buy the guitar with the load of money in your pocket, what did you think i meant, you sick bastards!!!!!
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Mmm, I'd shell out a few extra $100's and get a C-1 Exotic... I love mine, it can do anything, two humbuckers with coil splits...