I was playing early today at like a volume of 4/5 and suddenly the sound started to cut out, it was still playing all the notes but it was very quiet and dull sounding.

So i look through the back and 1 of the power amp tubes isn't glowing

the sound thing has kinda of been happening for awhile but never noticed the tube

im guessing time for some new ones, im considering buying a tube replace kit from eurotubes.com, probally the full gain one


has anyone used one of these or heard anything about eurotubes in general?
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"Eurotubes" isn't a brand. He's a distributor of JJ tubes exclusively, so all that stuff about setting you up with exactly the right set of tubes for you is garbage. Most of his advice is to mod your amp. "Got an $1,800 Mesa/Boogie? I don't like them! Mod 'em!" They're good, but there are other tube brands out there. Check out www.tubestore.com.
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JJ's are pretty good production tubes, I think you'll be happy with them........ If one of your tubes wasn't glowing I would also check out the electronics underneath