Ok, when I first bought my bass the strings were set very low, I play with my finger, and I have very large ones so unintentionally I pluck harder the my friend who has very small nimble fingers. So I adjusted my string height so that i could play, and not get any buzz. When I went to my lesson my teacher, and after it was fnished my teacher asked to see my bass he played some stuff for me and look at my neck he then proceeded to ask me if I like the action the way it is. Of course me feeling inferior to my teacher, and not being able to speak up well when I need told him, "I doesn't really matter to me" He then said Im going to adjust your string he lowered them to what seemed to be even lower then when I bought my bass. He said he though I would like because it would be easier to play, needless to say I hated it. But once again I didnt speak up. I did however ask why he adjusted it, he told me that my string were so high it was putting so much tension on my neck that it actually backbowed. So, I bit my lip and took my bass home. I've left the string the way they are for a while and have become used to them although there still all buzzy on the first few fretts, and since I fixed my neck I assume its the string height. I think if I adjusted them a little higher then it would be fine, but like my post asks how much is to much I want them higher, but I dont wanna screw up my neck.
i had a problem like that with my bass for the strings being to low, but i raised them, and i dont get the clicking and buzzing noise any more.
^ yeah, I have that on my four string, but I can't be arsed to change it. mainly because I've moved on to five string.
umm how high did you have it to be able to bend the neck like that. thats wierd dude.
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umm how high did you have it to be able to bend the neck like that. thats wierd dude.

Yea that what I though, I meen they were pretty high. He said they were putting to much tension on the neck and causing it to bow, he actually said if I liked it like that he would have to adjust the neck to give it more relief.
if there's a little buzz, chances are they won't be audible through an amplifier, since the sound is coming from the fret itself, not the vibration of the string. the important thing is to have the height such that you don't sacrifice speed for tone. the heigher it is, the harder it is to press the string down quickly. the lower they are, the less tone and sustain you can get. the trick is in finding the happy medium. hopefully, one that won't snap your truss rod.
Could someone like, take a picture of their action so people know what is about normal/average, and can make a decision of whether or not their action is wrongly adjusted? That would help a lot of people. I'd do it but I don't have a digital camera onhand.
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