I've been playing since January, and I'm doing pretty well. I've got some scales down and I know a couple songs, but I want to learn how to play along. I know you can just play around, and yes I know you have to practice, but is there any easy way to find out what key a song is in? Just so you can sound in key with it.

I use Guitarpro to try and ascertain this, but sometimes it is difficult. I have heard you just find out the first chord of the chorus and that tells you what key the song is in. Is this correct? Thanks in advance for any help.
For the most part that is correct. It's usually the first chord of the song. I understand that there are exceptions?
In a lot of cases, that is true, the first chord or last chord of the song will give you the key, but not in all cases, there is a kind of formula for figureing out the key, i'd write it out for you but i'm not sure of it myself. I find the best thing to do is play around with a few different scales till you find one that sounds best with what ur playing
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Well you could get all the notes and chords of the song and then see what key it fits into,but that is a hassle. A lot of the time, just listen to what chord the song resolves to. Or what chords seems to fit with the rest of the song. A lot of the time, this chord is the first chord, but that doesn't mean it will always be the key of the song.
yea every1 else is correct in there explanations....another way...if not improv...you can play along with the song per say on guitar pro...and then play each of the scales and you will be able to find certain "phrases" of solo or notes that really work well..then when you play along with others you can whip out those little licks and rock
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Basically take the first note of the powerchord/name of the open chord. The chord isn't always just the first one, its usually always just the main chord that the whole song seems based around. .
the first chord of the song isn't always the key of the song because one chord belongs to more than one key signature, so i would suggest listening to find more than one chord...once you find two or three chords (or at least the bass notes) you should easily be able to find what key they belong to (assuming you know the circle of fifths and such)
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Well asuming that the first chord in any series of chords will most of the time lead you in the wrong direction later on in theory. The easiest way is to study the notes on the 6th string (low E) and find the note that sounds the best with the song.

Yeah that's what I do, just use the low E to find the note that fits in best, then use some box scales around that note, see what fits best and all that