hey, would any 3 by 3 machine heads fit on any 3 by 3 headstock?

also, would any straplocks work with any guitars?

No they will not, gibson's for example use vintage style tuners with two mounting screws, while some of the modern tuners only have one mounting screw.

some straplocks might have trouble, but most will fit most guitars, not all.
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you amy ahve to make the holes bigger.

but whats wrong with the grover tuners that come with those guitars?
nothing, it's just every guitar i buy is supposed to have good tuners, but whenever i'm tuned to standard E, and want to tune to Eb, it doesn' t stay in tune very well and same when i bring it back to standard E.
thats why i want new tuners.

i haven' t bought the guitar yet. i just want to anticipate.
ah, well the grover tuners are great tuners, i have them on a guitar, and that thing will stay in tune for days.

but when you buy the guitar, use the tuners, if you like them, it will save you 40 bucks
very true, but i wn't be in america for two long, so i want to know straight away which to buy if they aren't good enough