so is it better to buy the agile (500 dollars)...or get the elitist which has better quality for about 1000 dollars. is the quality much of a difference? what would u do....
The Agile will be about equal to a normal Epi. The Elitist will be equal to a Gibson LP Standard.

Go for the Elitist.
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If you're willing to spend the $1000 for the Elitist, I'd say go for it... And if you're comparing cosmetics... while the horn of the Agile is a little ackward, I much prefer that over the Epi's horrendous headstock...

But sticking strictly to quality, my Agile is truly a great guitar..but the Elitist (assuming you try it out first and like it), would probably be the smarter move...simply because you can play it first..
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fukk a lp studio.........they suck my balllllllllls....usgly ass.......... shttyyy sounding pieces.....i think imma go with tha elitist
studios do suck, the fret wire is like too wide and you can see it on the side of the fretboard where they sanded them down, that is if hey sanded them down Ive played a couple tha would cut your hand on a fast slide up the neck. Its like gibson didnt use shorter pieces of wire and the binding on a standard's neck covers them up. crappy pups as well. $1200 would be spent alot better elsewhere.