this is a cover of halelujah i did some time ago to test out my microphone. i know there is another posted up as well but it just happens to be the best av done soo... i thought ad post my version. the guitaring isnt exactly showy, but it was done more for the vocals than anything else. http://notonlybutalso.dmusic.com/
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I thought it was good. This is one of my favorite songs, and I enjoyed listening to your cover. Your voice is quite good. 9/10
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This is pretty good. There's not much too say about the guitar work. A few mess-ups but nothing big. I didnt like the tone that much.

Like you said, this cover was done for the vocals and there very good. it could be better but your voice is good. One problem about the vocals are that at times it sounds like your trying to sing like someone else.

The recording isnt that great, though. It sounds like a Cheap Mic

Overall 8/10
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