I am a huge fan of In Flames and i was wondering what scales or modes they used to get their melodies. I have noticed that they have kind of the same melody in a lot of their songs but they put it in a way that its still interesting and great. What scales do Jesper and Bjorn use (mainly from their first few albums).

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i think natural minor as they are melodic death if a friend of mine is correct, that being said im sure they also use other scales
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Minor. I don know much about In Flames but the Prhygian mode is commonly used in metal.

phygrian dominant that is
If anyone really knows, this would be awesome, I wanna see if I can figure out how to play Leeches. That's such a cool song.
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the hive is my favourite one to play

and jester script transfigured

Holy crap...I was about to make a thread like this...crazy huh? But I was wondering...like what do they use on Manmade God?
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biosphere is based on natural minor i think
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its not so much the scale, but its how you can use the scale. You cant just play the scale from sstart to finish and expect to sound like in flames, that would be way to easy. I just saying that just incase u think each band is assiociated with there own scale.

if you already knew, then what the hell.
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