sry for another thread but i have another problem that i found out was causing the buzz. when i when i play notes around the 9th or 7th frets on the 6th 5th and 4th strings, it buzzes a little. any solutions?
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cant that be cured by undoing the truss rod 1/10th of a turn and increasing the relief?
get a local guitar repairer to raise the action for you. What is probably happening is the strings are too low and they are hitting the fretboard in different places with certain frets. It used to happen to be. Will cost you hardly anything to repair
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(1) Do a relief measurement. If you don't know how, ask.

(2) Raise your action a little if it's not the relief.

(3) If the action is ridiculously high, or if you're still having problems, you might need to have your frets worked on.

All the adjustment stuff is a little daunting, but incredibly easy. Don't pay someone else for something you could do on your own.
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have you put new strings on recently? like within a week? are they thick?
that seems to happen..i just put DR 10's on my guitar, and theyre really bright and buzz a little, but not through the amp.
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