So, my very first guitar was a Squier Affinity Strat that was part of a package that included a Fender amp.

I've had it for a little over a year now, & now I'm looing into another guitar.

It's not that I don't like my strat, but it's time for a more serious guitar now.

Any suggestions?
What is your budget and what styles of music have you been playing?
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What is your budget and what styles of music have you been playing?

My budget isn't that big. I'm looking at maybe $400 tops, unless someone can convice me of a guitar that is worth spending a little extra money over.

I've been playing metalcore, hardcore, punk, & more...anything from It Dies Today, Across Five Aprils, & War of Ages to the Dead Kennedys, the Ramones, & the Clash.

I definitely change tunings alot. So maybe something versatile that can handle going from standard to drop D & vice versa often.
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so thatthe amount of money you want to spend on the guitar or are you tinkin about a guitar and amp?

other wise i would prolly suggest a cheap mexican strat if yo ucan get ti that cheap, or prolyl some sort of Ibanez
Try the Fender Fat Strat. It runs for a little less than 400 US$. Or if you want full humbucker guitar check out the Epiphone, they're real cheap now. LP Plain Top or G-400 depends on the shape you like best, and tone.
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i'd stick with the strat, it's not likely that you'll need another guitar with better tone to play punk and metalcore...unless you start playing gigs, stick with that for now
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Like I always say, Go with the Ibanez RG series. If your into that hardcore pop type stuff, also you might also like a Ibanez GAX series. They have two humbucker pickups, which are very good for palm muting/sound effects/heavier sounding powerchords. They are very cool for such a good price. There is a nicer model and a crappier model- check them out here on UG reviews. I just saw Evens Blue at a concert last night and their lead guitar guy plays on a GAX guitar (or at least it has a very similar body).
buy a amp before you move on to a new guitar, a new amp can drastiaclly improve your tone..
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you want to move up, but you only have 400 USD? come on. you dont want to go from low end to midrange, unless you want a closet full of not-so-great guitars. if you are seroius about your playing, wait a while. save up a good amount of money, and get a real good guitar, rather than a so-so, and then another so-so, etc. thats my advice.
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buy a amp before you move on to a new guitar, a new amp can drastiaclly improve your tone..

I agree my Vox Valvatronix made my Squier affinity strat sing.
My Les Paul through the Fender 15watt frontman well it didn't sing too well.
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get a amp first man
i know your guitar might not be the most popular hardcore guitar out there, but my friend had his squier cranking out it dies today with a cube. your amp now wont make anything sound good
go for an amp first man, your squier will do fine. Once you get a guitar however, an ibanez or schecter or jackson would be your best bet
Schecter is your best bet. You can get a REALLY nice guitar from them for 400-500.
Less on Ebay.
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no guitar is going to sound great through a frontman..., unless your guitar is unplayable or very close to i'd get an amp first
$225 cube 30 amp.
http://www.zzounds.com/item--ROLCUBE30 (high gain modelling amp wt effects)

$240 vox 30 amp
http://www.zzounds.com/item--VOXAD30VT (rock high gain mod amp wt effects)

$70+ install, add a new humbucker to the bridge of ur strat, let them set it up for u.

and then save for a mex fat strat.

Bassmonkey^ if u start out with a squier a good move up, would be a $400 fender.
its starter to intermediate level.

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IMO the Ibanez RG guitars give you the most bang for the buck but unfortunatly they are not great for punk. They will work but they aren't the best for what you are doing so I'd say go with a MIM strat. It may be a little more than what you are looking to spend but it's worth it.
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i agree that he should get a good guitar (aftera new amp) if your guitar is 200$ alltogether why get a 3 or 400$ guitar? the quality wont be much better. i say you save ALL of your money and get someting ffrom the esp LTD deluxe series for about $1000.