This is sorta just a song to explain how today, people hide behind what they say. How you can't really tell about people by their words, cuz everyone's a liar nowadays. Something like that.

Standing Behind Our Bulletproof Words

We could live forever, in the house of words.
These uttered useless words.
These walls we?ve built up,
so thick, impenetrable.

But yet, we?re not safe
We never will be,
not like this, no, not like this.
Well never be safe.

In this mansion of words,
hiding behind these words.
Like bulletproof glass in our mouths.
Firing blanks, at the whole world.
With bulletproof glass in our mouths.
Setting up this weak defense,
in which find ourselves so indulged,

and now we?re hiding, behind our,
behind our, bulletproof. Words
Our bulletproof words

There is no way around this,
we?ve come so far.
Living in this house so long,
in this house so long.

Living forever behind our WORDS
Our bulletproof WORDS

And could live forever,
in the house of words,
living behind these words.
Our bulletproof words

It seems repetitve, but with music behind it, the repetitveness isn't noticable. It's very Norma Jean-esque.
Run, Run Farmer. Screaming! Bloody Murder
The daughters of question have been murdered!
Murdered! Murdered!
I'm going to assume that the style of repetition fits the music... To read, it's nothing short of a pain in the ass... However:

"But yet, we?re not safe
We never will be,
not like this, no, not like this.
Well never be safe. "

You've boxed yourself in a corner with this verse - it's four lines, and, basically, only says "we'll never be safe like this." Twenty-two syllables to seven. A bit excessive, even for being formed to a style. Furthermore, some of the repetition, again, is far too much, even for style. "House of words" being followed in the next line with "useless words" - it just seems like you're throwing away the opportunity to actually say something great for the sake of style, which, in turn, renders the purpose of "style" itself obsolete. Art for art's sake isn't art. Hence, too much repetition there - later in the piece, however, it's much more manageable, because it feels more like a coalition of past thoughts being regurgated.

Check your commas, too. (Nit-picking, I know...)

Your imagery is average - for the repetition, I had hoped for some great cyclical terror (a bit like Poe), but I got medicore imagery rehashed. The solution isn't to look at the end, either - that bit is a living repetition. So, to the top! Strengthen your images with descriptors and some sort of connotation in the image itself (although created by it, let the imagery stand above the diction). To get a great vibe off of repetition, it's got to be hulking and haunting (if you're a fan, musicals are perhaps one of the better examples of repetition - you can make a "theme" at the beginning of a show, and it'll come back to be the finale).

Needs more of a setting. A time or a place, defined. Hence, I have something to connect the characters and major action to, instead of abstracting everyone and putting that into a suspended sort of motion... It'll help your audience.