Whenever I play guitar for more than 30 minutes my fingers start getting a black layer on them...looks like dirt.

I'm using D'Addirio, Purple, Nickel wound, medium top/heavy bottom strings.

anyone else have this happen?

I wipe down my strings really good with the string cleaning cloth whenever i finish playing and little dirt comes off.

The strings have been on there for about one and a half weeks now.
are you by any chance black?
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lol dunno... i dont think ive ever had that happen..........

unless my strings where DISGUSTINGLY dirty but if they are only a week....

maybe some wierd kind of oxydation of the metal...

ya know what it might me...it could just be that my fingers are bruising from playing so much...that's what it looks like now and its not washing off so ...yea it must be.

its only my my 1 and 4 fingers which are the 2 fingers i use most when playing
Im pretty sure its not bruising... it happens to me when I have old strings. Do you sweat alot while playing? Is it retardedly humid over there?
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it happens to me..idk why either.
its nothing bad though.
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are you by any chance black?

Yeah it happend to me with the same ddarrio strings because i had barbque sauce on my fingers
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What's on your fingers is known as skin. If you play long enough especially if you slide a lot, the skin on your finger tips gets all dead and ripped up. There's probably little pieces of skin stuck stuck your strings too.
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Here's an update for ya all

After swapping from the Daddario strings to the Slinky yellow pack (normal) my fingers stopped turning black...I guess its just the metal compound used for those brand strings...
It might not just be your strings. If your guitar is new or about that, the fretboard may not be clean (even from factories). So even after you changed the stock to a new string, your fingers will still get dirty. The dirtiness will later on improve as it sticks to your finger each time you play, your finger sorts of clean them.

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Come to think of it... That happened to me alot when I used D'Addarios, too. I use Dean Markley now, and now all I get are ripped up callouses :P
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i use d'addarios, and yes I get that 'black stuff' on my finger pretty much every practice session. It's probably just the strings wearing down, and the older the strings get the less the buildup. I just wash it off with soap, no big deal.
it could just be rust comming off or something...

do you whip down your strings before playing? you should wash ur hands before playing to, makes ur strings last longer
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Nickel would strings do that to you, I think. I always get it with my nickel d'addarios too. Nothing to worry about.
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It's mineral deposits, the more you heat the strings with friction, the more deposits come off on your fingers - nothing to worry about
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