Ive been listening to these guys for about a year now and I really like their sound. As well as being one of the first crossover bands (which may be a bad thing) they are also one of the more underrated of the 90's metal bands.

note- if these guys arent metal considered metal here, which actually makes some sense (I guess they could be called metal core although very stoner/sludgey metal core) ill delete the thread
i believe it's Corrosion of Conformity, mate
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Corrosion going on tour with AND opening for Disturbed = Wtf?

Anyways, Yeah, Corrosion > The universe.
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I only have in the arms of god and it is a fantastic listen. They are just ****ing awsome heavy metal.
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I have this great memory of Corrosion of Conformity, I opened for them ( a metal band, Hirax, was also on the bill that night) in LA during the summer of 87. I opened for them the night before in San Diego and it was so packed that the fire marshalls closed the place up right after we played our set (Dr Know was supposed to go on after us and they were sooooooo pissed off about not getting to play that night...PSYCH!). Now back to LA, after the gig we we're hanging out with COC outside the place when I got propositioned. Next thing I know I have a girl pulling her jeans down to her ankles (and she was a girl with real, pretty ankles) in the back seat of our Chevy Beauville tour van. The guys in COC thought it'd be funny to look inside and then they started rockin' the van so I slid the door open and told them to toss in some money, quarters even- no free looks fellas. A good time was had by all but me....I had a great time, Zeppelinesqe even. So for those two days in south cali, I will always have a good memory of COC.... and the girl with the real, pretty ankles.