would putting the zakk wylde emg set-up on a jackson RR5 be good? i play alot of zakk wylde, ozzy, motley crue, stuff like that. would they be good? if not, do you have any other suggestions? thanks
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EMGs will always sound like EMGs..if you them get em
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Jackson's are partially metal guitars so I think u would get a pretty good sound if u put them on.

But i do agree with numbfinger emg's are wat they are as long as u dont put them on a piece of junk.
they will be great if you can have everything fit like the battery and stuff without routing another section.
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on a rr5 you'd have to put the battery under the pickguard. It would fit, but everytime you change batteries, you'd have to remove the pickguard. Unless you want to route another hole.
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wouldn't that get in the way of the trem?

There is usually enough room in there. If not, then routing would be the only solution.
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wouldn't that get in the way of the trem?

nope depends on where you put it. most people would fit next to the springs