What pedal do I need to play the solo for "Like a Stone" by Audioslave? It's hard to tell, it just sounds like it makes the notes sound higher than they actually are. Any ideas?
wah for some parts.
and i guess an overdrive pedal.

i don't think he had effects for a higher sound. just used the high end of the fretboard is all.
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I think there is also a delay pedal.

oh yeah at those high ends.

or that could just be him picking and he used a chorus.
The first note he plays is the G on the A string 10th fret. You need a digitech whammy pedal set 2 octaves up and a Boss dd-3 delay.
It's a pitch shifter, it does what the whammy bar does basically but way more intensely. It can move the pitch your playing up 1 or 2 octaves or down 1 or 2 octaves with every frequency in between. It also has 2 chorus modes and a whole harmonizing section with a butt load of different harmony shifts. I wrote a review on it if ya interested.
it's easier to use and a lot more dramatic and you could do funk with it.
the bar just bends the notes.
the pedal does everything.

edit: ha if you don't know the difference you best buy a pedal now and surprise yourself. you'll like it.