If you have any, I would most definitely appeciate it if you'd share

I'm really into It Dies Today. [if you haven't noticed yet]

So far as tips go, are there any certain techniques, types of picks, tunings, etc. that you've found to work?
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Usually hardcore is no more than drop d half step down. I usually just keep in in drop d or standard. Drop d lends alot towards the breakdowns and just chugga chugga type stuff. Alot of galloping rythyms interspersed with hammer on and pull of licks sound really good. Pinches some times used. Really helpful to have. Good rhythm is nessecary.
thick strings im using 10's.
heavy picks as well
fast palm muting usually goes on.
learn to play real fast alt. picking open strings palmmuted.
string skipping is used alot too.
drop D and C and C# used often.
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Any tuning works. But I like to use anything lower pitch then E standard. (drop d, drop c, d standard, etc.)

Try string skipping a lot too, and I think sweeping sounds pretty sweet.

Picks, probably a thicker pick so you can hit pinches easier and I prefer the sound of thicker picks.

and as for breakdowns, try not to be cliche with them, make up so creative ones, even though having breakdowns is pretty much cliche in metalcore.
Don't learn anythign and jump around while bashing out powerchords . Just kidding, I like some metalcore/hardcore stuff myself so don't think of me as a hater. Well I would learn how to solo over powerchords, maybe learn so cool temp changing techniques. Drop C or B seems to be the best for that low low heavy sound. Learn alt picking, uh that's about all I can think of.
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tune town ex Drop D whole step down, do a lot of palms riffs and open palm mutes. you can use major 2nds for break down type things ex: they give that clash sound as heard in a lot of norma jean stuff


thats all if you want to be a steriotypical hardcore/metalcore guitarist. id prefer to be creative.
tunings can be almost any, what ever kind of picks you prefer, tremolo picking is a nice technique, palm mutes too, typically string gauges higher then .10 sound better for metal (crunchier, deeper, more solid in my opinion then standard .9's), a nice amp or distortion pedal, whammy bar, it goes on and on.
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just tune down a whole step (drop d) and get a distortion pedal
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Make breakdowns that actually sound good. I hate when a breakdown sounds like crap, it really isn't that hard for crying out loud! Use thick strings like 11's. 10's are standard. The differnt drop's all depend on how heavy and loose you want to sound. Drop D,C,B. Drop C sounds like Thrice and Throwdown. Drop D sounds like TOOL. Drop B sounds like Slipknot and Unearth. And if you want a good hardcore song, it's gotta have a lot of dissonance, but it's your call.
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just make it loud and fast....no offence dude, but no body gives a sh!t about the music....they just want to mosh.....well thats just me.....
change in tempo, like when the guitars are going really fast then slow down to a crushing beat or going slow then go really fast. More or less it's a signal to moss.
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Maybe this is a stupid question, but what it a breakdown?

It's that section of the song where you just hear slow CHUG CHUG CHUG's from the guitar. It's just palm muting and sometimes theres a lead or squeal.
Simply, the world was too small for a man of his ambition.
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GuitarSymphony you are my hero!