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ok, there is no ****ing way to compare them for multiple reasons:
1: completely different genres
2: they are both awesome
also wooten's been plaing since 3, so he definitely has more skill. so to get specific: Les is a rock god and Wooten is the all knowing zen master of the bass guitar. And a jazz/Funk god. they are both to awesome and I love them both too much to decide who I like more though.
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Claypool is by far better. Wooten isn't even comparable.

He most certainly is comparable, my unknowledgable friend, if not better.
But it's two completely different styles so you can't compare the two in THAT way, but skill-wise I might have to say Wooten.
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impossible to compare so ill just wooten cuz he wore a kickass wiastcoat when he played amazing grace
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no versus threads, right in the rules bro. This is a basic one. Closed.
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