eh, idk how to explain really well but it gives you a deeper sound thats about all i know.
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if you want to tune it a step hold down the second fret and tune normally one and a half third fret etc....

i THINK this is what you mean...mabe not
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Tuning a half-step down is instead of having E,A,D,G,B,e you have Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,eb.
(half a note)(ie. one fret)
Tuning a whole-step down is D-G-C-F-A-G.
(one whole note)(ie. two frets)

Also, in bending, when you bend a "whole step" you bend so that the fret your on sounds like the note two frets up. A "half step" bend is where you have the note your bending sound like the note just above it.

People use different tunings just by their own desire. Bands like Van Halen used drop-half-step tuning because it is closer to a human voice.

There are all kinds of various tunings, Half Step, Drop D, Drop C, Drop B, D tuning, C tuning, B tuning.

Drop tuning, like Drop D, is only down-tuning the low e, in the case of Drop D, it would end up like:

^pretty much. and I really needed help on that oh well.

you could als do step-and-a-half tuning,which id C#F#BEG#C# cool ass tuning.