hey i've had my guitar for about a year now and im thinking about getting a new one. It's a Peavy Raptor EXP. If you have any ideas for a good guitar let me know. Thanx
i have a peavey raptor exp.. its actually a good guitar.. at least mine is <_< what kind of shiz do you want to play?
yah i like my peavy too but it has a little tunning problem. i want a heavy mettle sound so i'm really looking at a BC Rich Warrior or a BC Rich Beast. the look is important.
GIBSON SG STANDARD!!! or if u got a tighter budget, an epiphone g-400. wat type of music do u play?
It doesn't really matter that much what type of music you play, since by the end of this thread most of the UG users will have convinced you that an Ibanez RG321mh is the next guitar you should buy. But, just for the hell of it, since I am not one of the huge Ibanez advocates on these forums, what is you budget and musical interests/influences and such.
i listen to metallica, greenday, pretty much anything.I have to go but ill look at those guitars. thanx
How much are you willing to spend?

What amp do you have?
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I have read somewere on the internet that Gibson Les Pauls are getting discontinued...is it true?