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Fender Standard Strat HSS
8 31%
Schecter S1 Plus
10 38%
Epiphone Les Paul Classic Quilt Top
8 31%
Voters: 26.
Out of these three guitars which one should I get?

My influences are bands like Muse, Thrice, He is Legend, Blink 182, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Coheed and Cambria, UnderOATH, NoFX.

My maximum price is about $450.

Here are the links to the guitars...

Fender Standard Strat HSS


Schecter S1 Plus


Epiphone Les Paul Classic Quilt Top


Please give your opinions and vote too.

By the way this is my second guitar.

Thanks for the help.
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i love you dude! (in a non-gay way)
Honestly bro- you can never go wrong with a les paul. I have a standard and it is the best of my guitars(ovation acustic, ibanez GAX, fender fat strat, dean flying v, and ernie ball axis sport.) I mean not only is it a les paul, but its ****in amazing- great sustain, warmth tone, ect. It is a bit heavy, but then again- I am a pretty big guy so it doesnt matter to me. Personally, I'd go with the less, but try to save up a bit more so you can get a bitchin les and not a run of the mill one- make it your own.

Well you can never go wrong with the strat since there really versatile. I played the HSS in a guitar center once and actually liked it.

^^And yes i'm a fan of the Les Paul the quilt top is a great guitar, but I still reccomend getting the strat.

If you can go play them and see which one you like. Two big factors should be how it feels and sounds.
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yeh im going to say the h/s/s due to the versatility of the pups and try the guitar out before you buy because there are some real shocking and some real good ones
Strat will be the most versatile. You can seriously get any of the tones you might need out of it.

That les paul will sound alright, but it's not the most solid. I recommend a Les Paul standard.

Frankly, I'd take the strat, and start saving for a good amp with the rest of the money.
Strat for sure.
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None of those.

Look up the Washburn WI64D, WI64, and WI64DL on www.music123.com.

They are three variations of the same basic guitar.

The WI64D is the distressed version. It has a flat finish and brushed copper hardware. It's $300 with a deluxe gigbag.

The WI64 is the basic model. Solid finishes with laquer. Chrome hardware. It's ~$350 on it's own.

The WI64DL is the deluxe model. It has a quilt maple top and transparent finishes. They go for about $420 on their own.

All three models have Grover 18:1 tuners, the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, coil splitting, and solid mahogany bodies with single-piece mahogany set necks. They basically just have different finishes, which makes the cost vary. They're amazing guitars. They easily surpass Gibson Faded SG's and LP's.

Plus, the coil splitting makes them extremely versatile.
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