I'm horrible at writing lyrics as of yet, but I think I might have some potential with practice. So, does anybody have any good tips to start with?

(I've written poetry before, but most of it wouldn't fit to a tune)
i write whatever comes to mind, and hope it works (sometime inspiration strikes with a tune already) and if it doesn't work, improviiize! this terrible advice has been brought to you by demiphoenix
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there's a really awesome thread here that's full of ideas. go there.

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writing lyrics is a very personal thing so there really isnt a right or wrong way to do it, however there are rules as far as structure and content, for commercial songs the structure is usually 2 verses a chorus two more verses maybe a bridge and then a chorus(again), verses are usually 4 lines in length, as this fits nicely with the time signature used by most pop/rock/country/r&b songs, all generally using 4/4 time, so as you can imagine a verse with 5 lines will not fit, 8 lines will, 6 lines will sound like a verse and a half.
if i'm writing a song i start with a topic, death, suicide, violence(Strangely dont get asked to go to many party's.....go figure)then i build on that topic and try and not use corny or self absorbant phrases, if you write like you talk then you will find that it will flow better, also make sure the thing rhymes intelligently and conservatively, its easy enough to write something like

i'm here in the back of this cadillac
sitting on seats that are shiny and black
wonderin if the drivers comin back
cause he left it parked across a railroad track

its uses to many rhymes of the same sound, so vary your rhymes
well thats enough from me, hope this didnt bore you too much