Ok I need some help. I have no clue what guitar effects i should get. There are so many that I am quite lost. Got any tips links or anything that can help me out thanks.
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Eh well first off, special effects are generally the things you see in movies.

Guitar effects are commonly referred to simply as "effects".

And to be honest, you have to know what you want. Do you want a fun distortion? Do you want your guitar to sound like aliens? Do you want it to send like a jet engine? Do you want to harmonize? etc

If you want to check out what effects do what, click here. About halfway down the page they're all explained.

But a question like that is just too general to be answered properly.
for sound clips for a better knowledge of things,

-go to musiciansfriend.com
-click the "guitar" tab
-scroll down until you find the "single effects" link on the left side list of links
-on that page, there should be another list of links to the left of you that direct you to a specific effect (distortion/overdrive, wah, noise gates, phasers)
-click whichever effect you want to learn about and then click the first product you see.
-scroll down on the info of that product until you see the sound clips.
-click, listen, and learn.

edit: that's how i learned.

oh and keep in mind that not all products have sound clips on their info, but most of them do.
for some good examples:

mxr phase90
mxr dynacomp
any boss pedals
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i changed the special effects into guitar effects thanx

I play more rock stuff then any other type so I guess I want to get an effect that will get me rocking. I am not sure which effect I like the best though they all sound great.
what kinda rock?
well, for starters the boss ds-1 distortion pedal is pretty good and cheap. it's $40 at musiciansfriend. that's good for a few ranges like classic rock or hard and whatnot.

for stuff like hendrix you could try a fuzz face and a wah.

just look around for those sound clips like i told you
i'm looking for one myself, but it seems most people prefer either a crybaby or a vox. and a few others.