ok, first off, no bashing my gear. thanks. i use an Mg250dfx amp, ibanez rg370dx and a boss ds-1. i'm fairly happy with it all, but i was wondering. What does a EQ pedal do? when i step on it, could it make me have a different sound of distortion? would i be able to it and get feedback?

Thanks UG, its been a while since i was here and im sure nobody even noticed i was gone.
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no, an eq pedal is to gain a greater amount of control over the frequencies that are heard. its a really technical type of thing, and its just a much more specific "treble mid and bass" knobs on your amp.
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actually, with the mxr 10-band eq, it has the volume, low mid and high as well as gain bands, so yes, you could push the volume or gain up all the way to increase distortion/gain as well as feedback. A worthwhile investment IMO.
the gear forum would probably be a better place to ask about this. but really, you can get a whole new sound when using an eq pedal. think of this: your main EQ has mids around 7, bass around 6 and treble around 5.5. now you have an EQ pedal set up with a dip in the extreme trebles and lows, a push in the mid low and mid high section, and then a big dip in your mids. kinda gonna look like a cosine curve that has a bit added beyond 0 and 2pi (so it doesnt end with a peak. turning this on is going to kinda give you a sound that is sorta scooped mids, which can sound crisper for heavy distortion with power chords.

now invert that shape, so you have a big push up in the mids. and have your main eq set to a scooped mids setting for your distortion. step on the eq pedal and you get a nice mid boost that can make your solo stand out from the rhythm. thats just two examples, but ive heard that having a good eq pedal can make a huge difference in your sound.
ok, sweet, thanks guys.
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