ok ive recently learned Rust in Peace by Megadeth and its not overly difficult for me right now, but having a bit of trouble with the intro i took a look at my fingers and realized something.. i think my fingers are like angled weird.

when i see better guitarists they play with their fretting fingers angled something like this: index\ \ \ \pinky
but mine naturally go like this, in pretty much every situation: index\ | | /pinky

the callouse on my index finger is actually to the side of the tip

it makes awkard stretches for me, like fretting all four on the same string, i can put my index and middle right behind their frets, but i absolutely cannot place my ring anywhere but in the middle of the frets without some significant shifting around, and thus reducing the mobility and fretting of my pinky. hope i explained that clearly enough

anyway maybe im just being weird, but is this normal, does it affect my potential or anything?
it means you have cancer. sorry.
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