Hey so tomorrow I'm going to the local guitar shop in search of a Wah Pedal I've got 95$ to spend and there's a big sale going on so if the pedal you have in mind is a little over 100$ it might not be out of the question

I'd try them out but I've never used a Wah pedal before so I wouldn't really know how to tell very much about the quality so..

Gibson SG faded special

Crate XTR

I play a lot of metal or metalcore for you anal retentive genre freaks but really I play a little of everything Blues,Classic Rock, Metal, pretty much anything

Pedals I have in mind
Vox (the standard one I can't think of the model name)
Ibanez weeping demon

thanks and please some one reply to this thread people seem to have a fun time ignoring a lot of my threads
i remember i bought an "orignal"Dunlop for 80 bucks i think from music123.com
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His name isnt Warren.
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yeah well try the dunlop crybaby with the fasel thingy its about 100
or the classic wah
ibanez weeping demon.

99 bucks USD.
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Ibanez Weeping Demon wah
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snarling dogs wonder wah ii. it sounds like an old vox wah but with a power adapter and true bypass.
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I've got a Vox V847 reissue, and it is the balls. I love it, especially if you're looking for a warm clean tone. It also sounds good on distortion but (just my preference) I don't like distorted as much.
For Metal: Morley Mark Tremonti Power Wah or Zakk Wylde Dunlop ZW-45
For everything else: Dunlop Crybaby Classic or VOX V847 (Awesome wah, but no AC adapter )

PS: V847=$100, V848=$150
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I got my Dime CFH wah for $90 on eBay, but it was in mint condition. Very versatile little wah, it really is like a 535Q on steroids. Besides having all the features of the 535Q, it has an extra fine tune control for sweep, a red fassel inductor, and same side input/output to keep the cord out of the way. It has the normal input on the side also, and there is a switch inside to make the other two jacks both outputs so you can run dual outs. The clutch for the pedal is adjustable with the included wrench, so you can adjust the pressure it takes to rock the pedal. Overall, I'm very happy with it. Works great for metal not surprisingly, but it also can handle the smoother blues voicings with some fiddling.
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