I got a Traynor TRM30 guitar amp and a Peavey Micro Bass 20 watt bass amp

Could I connect them so i could play my guitar through the 2 of them at the same time , to get a louder sound??
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If you have the right stuff you can. My distortion pedal has 2 outlets, and I can do it. I dont think it really hurts anything, so I say go for it. Only thing is your tones will be different, and if your playing through a bass amp, normally it makes the tone bassier.
well you wont get a louder sound...just more full.

its called stereo.
heres my setup.

guitar--->pedals---->bass amp---->guitar amp

i just use an extra cable going from the bass amp line out to the input of my guitar amp, and put one on each side of the room, to get a more full sound.
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You can find signal splitters pretty readily.
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