Right so I decided to make a thread on a couple local bands.

The first is Days Fade. They're the big thing in my city(windsor, ontario) and have been for the past while as far as hardcore/metalcore goes. I find their songs to be fairly simple, but catchy.

They have a lot of energy at their live shows, especially the two singers. A big guy who does lower vocals and a shorter guy who does higher stuff.


And the other band is Machines!, a local grindcore/tech metal band(that's what they call themselves). Again alot of energy at live shows, and pretty technical basslines, unfortunately you can't hear the bass at all on the recordings.


So anywho, this thread could be used to discuss local bands I s'ppose, and/or comment on these.

Sorry if this kind of thread has been done many times before.
I listened to Machines! I lost interest after hearing those "post hardcore" melodic breakdowns in the first two songs though. Besides that, they have potential, maybe some decent recordings and new screamer would help them out.
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sweet, i searched this, good thing i found it.

yeah Days fade is awsome, down to one singer now tho, i'm from windsor and i follow them kinda close. i think they're much better than any basic metalcore, i think they have humongus potential.