Esp F-400 fm: has 2 emg 81 active pickups, 24 frets. 729 bux: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-F400-Electric-Guitar?sku=516666

Ibanez Iceman 400: ibanez ah1 and ah2 pickups, 22 frets. 550 bux:

Jackson RR3: Duncan Designed Detonator Humbuckers, 22 frets. 659 bux:

Seems like they all seem relativeley versatile for the music i play: rock, metal, blues, jazz. If i get hte iceman thats another 80 bux for the molded case and im not sure about the stock pickups, not that im an expert but the other pickups seem better and i wuld rather not get another pair of pickups. Anyone played all 3 and have a suggestion?
i would go with the jackson
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get the esp
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Well the guitar with the best features would be the esp, even though I think the f series is hideous that's just my opinion.
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I dont know about the Jacksons pickups but im guessing they must be pretty good, the ESP has the famous EMG's, so if you play with lots of gain go with the esp, But personally I'd go with the Jackson, i get a better feel out of them. Oh, and if you plan on playing clean once in a while dont go with the active pickups the esp has, too "hot" in my opinion for cleans. And i have nothing to say about the ibenez, never even seen that model before.
Jackson all the way.