once nothing is a band from PA and when i saw them live for the first time i loved them instantly...has anyone else heard of them? seen them live? or listen to them? if so, i want everyone's opinions. if you have no idea who once nothing is, check them out...www.myspace.com/oncenothing or www.oncenothing.com they are a great band, with lots of talent and heart. they've played with some other big bands such as demon hunter, the number 12 looks like you and many more...check it out. it will bring much satisfaction...and comment here!
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I guess it sort of depends on your style.

To be honest, I found them a bit boring. Just like, generic metalcore in C minor with diatonic 3rd harmonizations and lots of breakdowns. Also quite repetative at times. Like, the first riff in "Waves." I mean, there are certain moods that will make this music ****ing rule. And I bet a live show is awesome, but, musically, they're not offering much.

Some of you guys might wanna check this out. Its like, along the lines of Light This City... just, stuff like that.
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they're some boys with a bunch of heart, and a live show is awesome. even though this thread isn't getting much attention, i hope someone walks away with satisfaction...they're the nicest people i know, and put alot into their music. its worth a listen. thanks for an honest opinion though.
"I would lock her in a room full spiders & let her think about what she's doing 2 the youth of america"brandon boyd on britney spears
These guys put on a great show. I've actually gotten a chance to hang out with these guys and they are very nice, though that was a couple years ago when their first EP came out.
you sound like a street team member ahah

their good to get rowdy to live ive seen em 4 times

i wont listen to them on record tho. not my thing to sit and listen to by myself
I saw them with ruiner in Dec, they were very tasty. They sound really southerny, with a whole lot o death and hardcore influence, it's really interesting. And yeah, great live shows
I've got "First Came the Law." Awsome CD, one of my new favorite bands. Do yourselves a favor and check these guys out.
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I really just like the little CD, Earthmovers I think, really good though.
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