OK ive been playing about 3 years and i really need help wrting a badass solo for the bridge of a song my bandwrote...i keep coming up with nothing...so if there are any advanced soloing guys out there could you please help me...

here is the riff

a-3-3-3-0------- Repeated however many times needed

Thank You
mess around with different techniques. try some tapping, sweeping, use a wah pedal, the whammy bar, string skipping...
>_< no offense man, but that is just a powerchord in drop D over and over.. If you've been playing for 3 years you should be able to come up with something a little better than that.. atleast another powerchord added in, can't really say much for a solo if you don't have your verse riffs/bridge/chorus riffs rhythm all made up.
that riff is what our unexperienced rhythm guitarist plays to match the drum beat and double bass...i just cant come up with a good solo...
If its a fast riff then you should be looking to make a fast solo with a couple of bends thrown in there. And you should look to create a decent rhythm to back up the solo.
Can you play fast scalar runs?
either write the riffs for the other guy to play or dump the rhythm guitarist, because if your song is going to be in F all the way, and you need to drop the tuning to do it, you aren't ready to write your songs....
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assuming its in drop d, you're in the key of F, lol, Fminor penatonic ftw

BORING...but then again, so is the rhythm, add a little more riffage to that...it looks like nu-metal to me...but, if you're feeling the need to solo over short rhythmic passages i would suggest taking a look at many of Dimebag's solos
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