i've been set on getting a JCM800 2203 for some time now.however, they are quite pricy and all, so i recently thought about the JMP-1 coupled with rack EL-34 50/50.

how would the 2 compare in tone? would they be cuasy similar?

and how does the range rockerverb 50 compare to the marshalls?

The rockerverb is a great amp, but the AD30 series kicks ass. I'd get one of those, unless you need a lot of gain, which it looks like you might. If that's the case, I'd get the rockerverb.
Orange's also have a very dark character when Marshalls are quite birght. Alo i have heard that the JMP-1 is quite SS sounding.
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so basically JCM800 2203 >>>>>>>>>>>JMP-1 + rack EL-34 50/50?

a rack would be cool. but i really want that classic rock sound for that awesome metal tone with a proper OD.

should i just go with the JCM, or is the rack a more-versatile-while-keeping-99%-of-the-toneway?