So my predicament is that I have 134 dollars of store credit at:

wwbw.com (woodwind and brasswind)

and I'd rather spend that than to use up more money I need to use on college. The only problem is that they don't carry the Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive pedal, so I have to go with something else.

so I saw the zoom pedal, and was wondering how good it was in comparison to the overdrive.

If not that, then I can just use my wwbw money to buy maybe a hambucker and/or other distortion pedal.

Please let me know, or if it's better to just shell out the 150 for the overdrive and not go through wwbw


They can't order the Jekyll and Hyde for you?
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I was thinking about that.... and don't know why I didn't do anything about it. I guess it seemed like too much of a hassle and time constraint. I'll try it though
sounds awesome, but can it play other stuff as well? It seems the overdrive can play a lot more genres.

I'm not trying to be a dick here, I just want to know that I"m getting my money's worth, you know? Why not pay more money if both distortion for metal sound the same, and the overdrive has more features?